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По умолчанию VideoLive Mail

Amazing Software for Sending Video E-mails
VideoLive Mail 4 an effective and creative way to unleash the multimedia powers of your PC. In coordination with a PC camera, you do not only have the ability to capture video and audio files, but also to save them in an advanced, highly compressed format. Files can then be sent via e-mail to your friends, family or business contacts, and viewed in Windows Media Format, allowing the recipients to view them without the need for additional software.

Superior Quality and Reduced File Size

By using the Microsoft Windows Media Technologies, WMV ( MPEG-4) and WMA encoding techniques, VideoLive Mail™ produces amazingly small file size videos with impeccable quality.
Supports multiple video input sources: PC cameras and TV tunner cards.
Produce video mails with impeccable quality and amazingly small file sizes, making them easier to send and saving tons of bandwidth
Compression ratio up to 900:1 (compared to uncompressed true color video sources)
Video and audio synchronization for better sound and image quality
Offers you a "what you see is what you get" feel when sending video mails
No Executable File Attachments equals No Virus Concerns

The world's first video mail software program to record and directly send video mail files in Windows Media Format
No ".EXE" files which means no possibility of viruses.
Recipient does not need additional software for viewing video emails
Streamable File Format

VideoLive Mail™ creates video/audio files in Windows Media Format (formally ASF), a streamable file format
Obliterates need to use additional programs for encoding, by creating content for Web streaming easily and hassle-free
New Graphical Interface

VideoLive Mail™ has a new user interface that is more powerful and extremely user friendly

File Conversion Capabilities

Converts files from a multitude of formats (AVI, MPEG, Windows Media Format ,WAV, MP3 etc.)
Ability to convert files into various formats makes web streaming easier, file sizes smaller, and saves bandwidth
Adjustable Video and Audio Quality

Built-in program for adjusting video resolution and encoding quality
Maximum rates of adjustment reaches DVD-video and CD audio quality.
Easy System Configuration

Since VideoLive Mail™ integrates several systems together, the Setup Wizard was created to get you up and running quickly in a very facile fashion
" Wizard Button " used for guided steps to record and send Video emails


1. 30 days validation from the date of Installation.
2. 30 seconds of recording time both in Audio and Video.

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