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По умолчанию The Missing Sync 6.0.1 для Palm OS

The Missing Sync for Palm OS, v6.0.1

Features at a Glance

Replaces HotSync Manager - no need to install Palm Desktop
The best Address Book and iCal synchronization: categories, contact photos, multiple postal/email/IM addresses and more
Syncs with Microsoft Entourage 2004 using either Sync Services or the existing Palm conduit included with Entourage
Syncs notes with Mark/Space Notebook (included), Bare Bones Software's Yojimbo or Microsoft Entourage 2004
iPhoto and iTunes conduits download photo albums and playlists containing music and podcasts for mobile use
Keeps files in sync between the Mac and Palm OS device, such as Word docs and Excel spreadsheets
Works with existing Palm conduits, including FileMaker Mobile, Life Balance, PocketQuicken, SplashID and others
Supports up to two Macs and any number of handhelds
Universal application provides the best performance
Sync over USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

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