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now i know thank you so much
Making Preview Display Correctly
Many have an issue where Preview displays only a grey background when trying to view a picture. Forcing it to run in Rosetta as a PowerPC application may help. Right click Preview's icon, and click "Get Info". On the pane that says "General", expand and check the box that says "Open using Rosetta." SSE3 or patched SSE2 is required. You should now be able to view your pictures without a problem.

Deadmoo's password
The password on the "Deadmoo" and "Curtis" account (they're the same, but called different things in different places) is " bovinity ". Once you log in as him you can go to the users panel and setup an account for you to use, change his password, etc.

Deadmoo's root password
The correct root password is "bovinity"!

But you don't need to know it -- log in as deadmoo (password above), open a Terminal (Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal), type:

sudo passwd root

.. and enter/confirm a new root password. You can now run su in the Terminal using the new password.
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