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adies and gentlemen, ToH brings the latest and greatest from Apple to your PCs.

First release of RC2 had some problems that did not allow to install. This one works!!

This is the second public release candidate (RC2) of the Install Kit of Mac OS X Leopard for grey X86 PCs.

Because of the above mentioned reason, it lacks some things. Those features will be added via PPFs.

Therefore, INTEL PC users can download and install it as it is, while others can get it and wait for the PPF.
What it can do:

Run on INTEL SSE2 and SSE3 machines
It might upgrade OS X Tiger X86 to Leo X86
It has support for NoNX/NoHPET/etc
The kernel can work on AMD machines
It has all the languages and printer drivers

What it doesn't do:

It's not yet ready for AMD machines, because of missing decrypts
It doesn't have all the patches you used to find on the old OSX86 DVDs

A PPF should be out in a day or two which will add AMD support and other goodies, so all can enjoy them.

MD5 Checksum:

83909703A60283FFC8F3DA1D8A8594F0 *ToH_x86_9A581_RC2.iso


To the would-be users:

This DVD should only be used to preview Mac OS X Leopard. If you really like Mac OS X Leopard and you want to use it,

you should get a real Mac. If buying a real Mac is too much, you can, at least, buy a license for Mac OS X Leopard.

Size : 4 Gb+ (for single layer DVD)

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