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По умолчанию Websmartz Banner Designer

Websmartz Banner Designer Pro v3.0

A very simple tool with very powerful features that helps you in creating professional looking banner in minutes!
-- Pick a banner from the exquisitely designed set of banner templates.
-- Customize and make your banner attractive by giving background color, gradient or image of your choice.

-- Add text, images, and geometrical shapes to your banner.
-- Give transition and special effects to the various objects appearing on the banner.
-- Full freedom to edit the images like rotating, cropping or changing the brightness and contrast features.
-- Export banner as HTML or SWF file and put it online.

>> A very simple tool with powerful features
Banner Designer Pro does not require intensive flash skills. With the simple select and drop functionality you can add different features to your banner and create professional banners with complete ease and creativity.

>> Professionally designed templates
Banner Designer Pro provides professionally designed set of templates to add professional look to your Banner.

>> Banner size to suit your requirement
Choose from a set of 11 size options available or design a banner of your specific size.

>> Add Shapes
Select from a database of shapes and place them as per your choice on the banner.

>> Adding Images to the Banner
Simply browse through your system and add an image of your choice anywhere on the banner. Further you can edit the image for scale, Rotation, Brightness and contrast.

>> Transparency Feature
For transparent PNG images you can apply transparency effect to the images.

>> Embedded Fonts
Apart from the huge array of fonts available, Banner Designer Pro provides you embedded fonts with the output as and where the need arises. Top

>> Adding Text
Using the Text Tool, add text to your banner. The software provides you an array of font options and sizes to pick from. Also add color to your text to make it stand out.

>> Color & Gradient Features
Banner Designer Pro provides you excellent color and gradient features to add to your banner. Add background color, color to the shapes and color to the text in the banner. You can add color with or without gradient features as well.

>> Text & Image Entry Effect
Select the type of entry for the text and images on the banner.

>> Zoom Options
You can very easily zoom in or zoom out the banner that you design so as to have a clear view of the design.

>> Move objects front to back or back to front
Using the front to back or back to front tool, move the objects in your banner as per your requirement.

>> Time setting for effects
Freedom to set the time, as per your choice for the different effects happening on the banner. They are text entry effect, text exit effect, image entry effect or image exit effect.

>> Rotation feature
You can rotate images, text and shapes that you add to the banner.

>> Pre-defined Preloaders
Banner Designer Pro provides a pre defined set of Preloaders so that the banner can be displayed within minimum time.

>> Independent functionality & application
Banner Designer Pro is very independent, self sustaining software requiring no external support and functionalities for its application.

>> Ideal System Resource utilization
The system memory, hard disk space, and CPU have optimum usage for Banner Designer Pro. Majority of the Banner design softwares take a lot of computer memory space and many times disrupt the functioning of other programs.

>> Completely Optimized Banner
The final Banner design is completely optimized and the file size is of optimum size so that it can be easily used online.

>> Publish banner in SWF or HTML
Simply publish your banner in SWF or HTML file.

Minimum System Requirements
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista All Version
Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
Flash Player 8.0 or higher
RAM: 64 MB
CPU: 300 MHz
800 x 600 Resolution Monitor

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