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Connectivity, communication, remote control and virus-scanning – all in one product. The new standard for secure Remote Access and Virus-free File Transfer and Synchronization.
Laplink Gold 12 is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to connect computers.

Laplink Gold 12 enhances an award-winning product with Internet connectivity, improved usability and superior security. With a single application you can connect computers locally or over the Internet and remotely access files, synchronize data, run applications, support co-workers or friends, maintain and even reboot computers.

Laplink's patented SpeedSync technology transmits just the updated portion of files. SmartXchange can instantly synchronize multiple folders and schedule automatic, unattended file transfers - without complex scripting.

Without any complex configuration Laplink Internet lets you reliably and securely connect - through firerewalls and proxy servers - to other Laplink Gold 12 computers.

With the growing concern of virus attacks Laplink has taken a leadership position in offering world-class antivirus protection. Laplink Antivirus features alerts on new viruses, an online scanner, and virus removal tools.

Laplink Gold 12 provides full security options for accessing your computer. Choose Microsoft or Laplink Authentication with Folder-Level Security. Protect your data during transmissions with Multi-Level Encryption (including Microsoft's CryptoAPI support). Prevent repeated attempts to guess your password with Case- Sensitive Passwords and Lockout Protection.

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Price: $109.72

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