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По умолчанию Ответ: Драйвер для Eumex200

Посмотрите вот тут. По моему данный проект занимается этим вопросом
We are developing Linux driver and userspace utilities for many (USB-)devices made by DeTeWe (vendor id: 0x086c). These are known as Eumex/OpenCom ISDN PBXes but also TAs such as BeeTel Home 100 or TA33 USB. Since these devices are only Windows-supported and no spec is available by their vendor ("Deutsche Telefonwerke - DeTeWe"), we reverse engineer the used device driver protocols. The Eumex devices are mainly distributed in german speaking countrys, and this also is a german project, nevertheless we will try to answer your english requests. For more detailed information see our README file.

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