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По умолчанию Avi2Dvd - конвертирование видео файлов в MPEG2

Avi2Dvd v0.4.5 Beta

License: Freeware
Operating Systems: Vista/ Win2k/ Win98/ WinME/ WinXP
Filesize: 23.85 MB

avi2dvd — набор утилит для конвертирования (пережатия) avi/ogm/mkv/wmv видео файлов в формат MPEG2 и создания образа проекта DVD, VCD или SVCD диска для записи.
Обладает простейшим средствами DVD-авторинга. Полезен для обладателей DVD плееров без поддержки воспроизведения XviD.
Avi2DVD is a new GUI that uses freeware tools to perform conversions such as AVI to DVD, SVCD, VCD or DVD to DVD, SVCD or VCD. The program is still in beta phase so it's a little buggy. For example, I haven't managed to get it to work with CCE SP 2.50 yet, but I hear it's possible with later releases of CCE. Avi2DVD comes with four encoders, QuEnc, FreeEnc, NuEnc and HCEnc. You have the option to use CCE also but you have to have it installed already. Of all the encoders I had the best luck and quality from HCEnc so I will choose that option for this guide. For such an early beta, it has some excellent features and has tackled one problem with other frontend tools; if you have a movie in two or more files, you can rename the files in a certain way so Avi2DVD will load in both and encode both, removing the need to merge files together first. But anyway, let's begin.

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