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Camera Bits Photo Mechanic 4.5.3

Version 4.5.3
* (Mac) Fixed minor usability issues with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).
* Removed the delay when scanning a folder prior to ingest.
* Improved support for the Canon 40D.
* Fixed handling of the preview for Leica M8 DNG files.
* Added support for browsing Olympus E-3 RAW photos.
* (Mac) Added support for as-shot RAW rendering using ImageIO on Mac OS X 10.4.11 or 10.5 for the Canon EOS 40D and several Olympus cameras including the E-400, E-410, E-510 and older Olympus models that were disabled due to a bug in ImageIO (E-500, E-300, E-330, C8080WZ, C70Z/C7070Z).
* Previews can now be extracted from Canon 1Ds RAW TIFF files.
* Added better handling of exceptions thrown by QuickTime libraries.
* Long FTP queues no longer cause a slowdown.
* Fixed issues with IPTC record being saved in UTF-8 format for certain FTP operations when image processing is applied.
* (Mac) Added preference option to not automatically rescan when folders are changed by external applications.
* Live Slide Show now supports more image formats, and the Restart from First Image button now works as expected.
* The Keywords field in the IPTC dialogs is now three lines tall and scrolls vertically, and has word-wrap.
* The Keywords dialog now has an option to choose whether or not the list of keywords from the IPTC data is sorted.
* Added checkbox to Structured Keywords dialog to allow the keywords path to be posted in reverse order (from greater specificity to lesser specificity).
* The Adjust Capture Dates and Times dialog now handles time deltas that result in a date change.
* Added border controls for thumbnails in the PM Classic Export template.
* The use of the {sequence} variable no longer gets out of sync when used in multiple places in the Save As dialog.
* Using variables substring extraction now works properly with the {sequence} variable.
* Added {bytes} (or {byte}) variable for the uncompressed size of a photo (i.e. pixels * bytes/pixel * channels/pixel).
* Code replacements are now expanded when generating the info text.
* Added Sharpen checkbox in the Save As dialog.
* The PhotoShelter upload template can now send RAW files as originals as expected.
* Fixed an issue with Ingest where under certain conditions wouldn't open a contact sheet as expected.
* Setting the default sort to a custom sort now works as expected.
* When saving IPTC/XMP, if any XMP-only fields have values then the default file type is set to XMP.
* Typing into an IPTC Stationery Field will automatically check its Apply box.
* When a demo code expires, Photo Mechanic will return to any previous registration password.
* The Extract JPEG Previews from RAW photos tool now remembers/restores the last path chosen if you are not telling it to extract to the source folder.
* The Load Selection and Save Selection dialogs now default to the Contact Sheet's primary path.
* Added checkboxes for the new IPTC and XMP fields to the Import and Export Preferences dialogs.
* Fixed issues with spin button controls getting out of sync in the Adjust Capture Times dialog.
* The Apply Rotation to JPEGs tool now updates the main rotation tag (and not the thumbnail rotation tag) for JPEGs created by certain cameras (e.g. FujiFilm Finepix).
* (Win) Improved sort order (although some languages still sort incorrectly due to deficiencies in Microsoft's runtime libraries).
* (Win) Structured Keywords now allows a new keyword to be created when no keywords currently exist. Applying root level items now works as expected.
* (Win) Added more spell checking dictionaries.
* (Win) Changed line ending on Save of Structured Keywords to be Windows standard CR/LF. Saved filename no longer ends in ".TXT" when no extension is entered.
* (Win) Changed Dutch and Danish labels in spellchecker popup menu.
* (Mac) Fixed crashing bug with soft edits when using ImageIO to render RAW previews.
* (Mac) Added preference to turn off automatic folder updates for those experiencing problems with MacOS X folder notifications.
* (Mac) Added updated Tab bar with shadows and improved stability.
* (Mac) The colors of the Favorites and Navigator can now be customized.
* (Mac) The Send Photos via Email dialog is now resizable.
* (Mac) AppleScript may now be used to direct Photo Mechanic to open Folders or Files.

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