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По умолчанию Ответ: Mac OS X & Leopard для Intel & AMD (все вопросы здесь)

хоття описан он вот так(Install Notes
The system is setup by default to boot in Verbose mode. You can change this yourself if you want in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist. I included BBEdit with the applications, it can edit the file in place with correct permissions.

During the DVD bootup if your stuck at "waiting for root device" I am sorry your hardware is probably not supported. You can try changing some options in your BIOS, maybe you get lucky.

If you get error com.apple.boot.plist not found your DVD is most likely bad, burn it again at a lower speed.

If you have an AMD system please check the box for AMD-System-Fix to aplly the patches needed for Leopard to work!!

AHCI works, but you are limited to two drives, turn this off if you have more than 2 drives you need to access.

If you have an older computer with limited options in the BIOS(ACPI/APIC) and you are able to install but when you boot the freshly installed O/S you are stuck just after ACPI loads, try installing with the APIC-Fix checked. This will install an Older ACPIPlatform and APIC for better compatability.

Video Driver support is very hit or miss, please install first without it. You can easily add this yourself afterwards.

The EFI bootloader automatically detects and installs for MBR/GUID thanks to Dense, it may have specific problems for Bad-Axe 2 systems.

Please select your IDE/SATA chipset during install.(One and only one!)
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