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По умолчанию Lightning 0.8 (надстройка-календарь для Mozilla Thunderbird)

Обновилась надстройка-календарь Lightning до версии 0.8
home page: _http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/releases/lightning0.8.html

Новые фичи:
Lightning 0.8 is the latest release of our calendar extension for Mozilla Thunderbird®. We recommend that all users upgrade to this latest version.

The following features have been added to Lightning 0.8:

* Lightning 0.8 introduces a task mode (Screenshot) that contains the following features
o Quick display of current tasks
o Task preview pane displaying task parameters like the description, from date, due date, category, etc
o Possibility to filter displayed tasks (today's tasks, overdue tasks, completed tasks, etc.)
* New icon set and reworked menu structure that only offers the user those options that are currently available to him in calendar or task mode
* Lightning now contains an event list (also known as "unifinder"), which allows the easy selection and sorting of current, future and past events. The unifinder can be easily enabled or disabled by using the "Find events" button on the Calendar toolbar
* Category colors are now shown next to an event box, giving users a much better overview of their differently categorized events
* Events with alarms now have a visual indicator showing an alarm bell
* A totally overhauled alarm dialog
* Easy conversion of mails, events and tasks into each other. The mode toolbar icons on the left side now function as drop targets, which allows you to convert an e-mail to an event or tasks (or vice versa), just by dragging an e-mail to the calendar icon on the left
* Visual overhaul for the today pane
* Lightning now recognizes the timezone definitions in .ics files created by other applications. This fixes the longstanding issue of Lightning miscalculating the date or time of events contained in those files
* The timezone guessing has been significantly improved
* Lightning now contains experimental support for viewing remote calendars offline. This feature has known bugs and is included for testing purposes only
* Lightning contains several performance fixes, which should improve working with larger calendar files
* You can now define for each of your calendars, whether you want to be notified of alarms for events in these calendars or not
* Special builds with support for Sun Java Calendar Server (lightning-WCAP) are no longer available as the base extension package now contains all the necessary code
* Thunderbird 1.5.0.x builds are no longer supported. Users of Thunderbird 1.5.0.x are strongly encouraged to update to Thunderbird 2. Please use the "Check for Updates..." option in the help menu to get the update
* A full list of changes that have gone into this release can be found on The Rumbling Edge website

Release Date: April 04, 2008


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