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По умолчанию Re: SCSI-контроллер BusLogic BT-950R

Доброго всего!

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There is no support for XP with BT-950R. LSI-Mylex does not have any
drivers to support your HBA controller under XP. I am attaching the
drivers, which came from one of the customer who claims that it will
work. You need to follow the read me instructions as he says. I haven't
tested this driver because it is not a supported configuration. It is
third party drivers and it does not belong to LSI-MYLEX. Driver does not
support Raid either. LSILOGIC is not responsible for supporting these
drivers and there will be no further help to install XP or how to
install XP with these drivers. It is up to you to decide either uses it
or not to use it. These drives are given to you as is.

Смысл понятен? Короче - вот дрова, но за функционал не отвечаем.
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