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По умолчанию Winternals Administrative Pack

When your server or workstation won't boot, you need ERD Commander 2005. ERD Commander 2005 boots dead systems directly from CD into a windows-like environment. You'll have full access to the dead system's volumes, so you can diagnose and repair problems using tools located on the ERD Commander 2005 Start menu. And you'll have built-in network access to safely move data off of, or on to, the dead system. The Locksmith utility allows you to quickly reset the Administrator password on locked-out systems. With ERD Commander 2005 you can repair a system quickly and easily, saving you time and rescuing your critical data.

Workstation version: For use with Windows NT Workstation 4.0 and above, Windows
2000 Professional, and Windows XP (32-bit versions).

Server version: For use with Windows NT Server 4.0 and above, Windows 2000
Server, and Windows Server 2003 (32-bit versions).

Key features:

* Boots dead systems directly from CD
* Easy, familiar Windows-like interface
* Includes the Locksmith utility to reset lost Administrator passwords
* Includes FileRestore so that you can quickly find and recover deleted files
* Provides access to XP Restore Points on unbootable Windows XP systems
* Intuitive Solution Wizard helps you select the right tool to correct your system issue
* Allows complete disk sanitizing/data removal with Disk Wipe utility
* Includes an Internet browser to facilitate downloading needed files and patches
* Automatically identifies and replaces critical system files that have become corrupt
* Provides emergency removal capability for faulty hotfixes
* Detect malware and other applications that may be consuming system resources
* Compares key info on unbootable systems with that of a working system for diagnosis and troubleshooting
* Allows for formatting and partitioning of disks
* Built-in network access to safely copy data to/from dead systems
* Repair and diagnostic tools located on Start menu
* Repair tools include System Restore, System File Repair, Service and
* Driver Manager, Hotfix Uninstall Wizard, Locksmith, FileRestore, Registry
* Editor, Explorer, Disk Management, and Command Prompt
* Diagnostic tools include the System Compare, Event Log Viewer, Autoruns,
* System Information, TCP/IP Configuration, and Logical volumes utilities
* Compatible with Windows NT, 2000, XP, and Server 2003

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