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nForce 9.34 Unified Remix (x32)

Version: 9.34
Publisher: Squall - GamersHQ.info
Date added: 2006-06-01
File Size: 32.6 MB
OS Support:Windows 2000/XP x32
License: FreeWare Version
Software type: Mainboard drivers - NVIDIA
Software Description
This driver set was assembled (remixed) by Squall and have been tested on NFORCE 2,3 and 4 platforms.

It contains all of the latest drivers, install at YOUR OWN RISK of course. See therse drives as the best blend of drivers to guarantee stability sand performance. A remix set is a collection of NFORCE files that are are publicly available on the internet somewhere or another. The nForce Win2K/XP driver package contains the below components:

-Audio driver version 4.65 (custom vista beta)
-Audio utility version 4.51
-Ethernet PreNRM driver 4.71 nforce2 (stable beta)(fixes throughput bsod)
-Ethernet NRM driver version 60.15 nforce 3/4 (customised beta)
-Network management tools version 60.16
-GART driver 4.40 (stable beta)
-Memory controller driver 4.40 (stable beta)
-SMBus driver version 4.56 (WHQL)
-SMUC Driver Version 1.14 (for future support)
-Installer version 5.08
-SATA RAID driver version 6.67 (customised WHQL)
-IDE driver version 6.67 (nforce 2,3 and 4) (customised WHQL)
-RAIDTOOL application version 6.69

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