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По умолчанию Tiny Handy Tools

Tiny Handy Tools v4.0 AIO

01- PC Pitstop Optimize v1.4
02- Access Administrator v4.2
03- CpuIdle Extreme v7.0.4.15 ®
04- Forensic Replicator v4.0
05- WinImage v8.0.8000
06- PowerISO v2.6
07- Keyboard Music v2.4
08- Audition 2000 v4.2
09- KGB Archiver
10- No-IP v2.2.1
11- Private Floppy v1.0
12- Error Messages for Windows v2.9
01- PC Pitstop Optimize v1.4

Scan and identify many common problems that plague most computers. Find out what it takes to get a better performing computer without the expense or difficulty of adding new hardware.

Key Features:

- Maximize Hard Drive Space! Quick and easy way to find and remove unnecessary files, making your drive run even faster.
- Energize Internet Speeds! Improve your internet connection up to 200% by adjusting your Windows Internet settings based on your connection type.
- Eliminate Registry Errors! Remove erroneous and leftover registry entries created by viruses, spyware, and incorrect program removal.
- Revitalize System Performance! Increase your system performance by tweaking Windows settings.
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