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По умолчанию Programmer Studio

Programmer Studio v4.3.1 18 March, 2006

Programmer Studio is a fully customizable Windows code editor designed specifically for programmers developing for PC and server platforms,
  • whatever your language: C/C++, C#, Java, PHP, ASP, Python, Perl, XML, HTML, COBOL, Object COBOL, Pascal, Fortran, RPG, Tcl/Tk etc..
  • whatever your target platform: Windows, Linux, HPUX , Solaris, Tru64, AIX, HP3000, AS/400 (IBM iSeries), VAX/VMS, etc.
  • whatever your debugger: gdb, wdb, dbx, perl, xdb, ccs/trax
Programmer Studio is the ultimate code editor
For server-based development, Programmer Studio uses standard network protocols (FTP & Telnet) to seamlessly interface to your files and existing compilers & debuggers, creating a complete IDE.

Programmer Studio offers the premier solution for programmers and organizations who want to standardize on one code editor.

Key Features
  • Language Independent. Programming language support is easily customizable, create your own languages or modify one or the 30 ready to use definitions including C/C++, Java, PHP, ASP, Python, Perl, XML, HTML, COBOL, Pascal, FORTRAN, RPG, Basic, etc..
  • Advanced code editor includes color syntax highlighting, auto-text, virtually unlimited undo and redo, changed line markers, split-windows, bookmarks, block text select, bracket matching and extensive reformatting options.
  • Hex Editor featuring virtually unlimited undo and redo, insert/overwrite markers, split-windows, etc.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing compilers and debuggers. With compiler output redirected to the Programmer Studio IDE, you can compile and highlight errors with a single click. Interactively control remote debuggers to quickly insert breakpoints, step through code, quick-watch expressions and even display the call stack and local variables. Currently supports GDB, WDB, DBX, XDB, TRAX and PERL.
  • Target any development platform. Using FTP and TELNET, Programmer Studio allows you to seamlessly develop on most server platforms from within a Windows IDE.
  • Familiar development environment reduces the learning curve for users of other Windows development products such as Microsoft Visual Studio®.
  • CodeAware technology provides a detailed view of the syntax of individual files or entire projects.
    • Navigate the syntax of a file or project as a collapsible tree view, double-clicking to quickly view the actual syntax definition.
    • Type info provides detailed definition information by simply placing the mouse pointer above a recognized expression.
    • Parameter tips provide argument highlighting when typing functions and procedures.
    • Auto complete provides a list of possible recognized expressions to complete a partial string.
    • Auto list members provide a list of object/structure members when the recognized delimiter is typed after a known variable.
  • Projects can be used to organize your files based on program, language, user – you name it. Assign compilers to each file or groups of files; customize each compile command if necessary. Build commands can be assigned to project folders for large, multi-server, projects.
  • Visual File Compare analyzes the differences between two files. The side-by-side display provides a simple visual representation of any differences allowing either file to be quickly synchronized.
  • Embedded language support allows you to quickly switch color syntax highlighting between different embedded languages in the same source file including support for ASP, PHP and HTML.
  • Extensive COBOL support, automatically insert new lines in sequence or renumber a file when saving. Support for COBOL’85 line tags, COBOL syntax structure navigation, enable automatic tag update when modifying lines or re-tag a range of lines.
  • Spell check a selection, a file, or even just the text appearing in quoted strings
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