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По умолчанию Re: Драйвера для видеокарт от nVidia

NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver v1.9131

Version: 91.31
Publisher:NGO - ngohq.com
Date added:2006-06-18
File Size: 19 MB
OS Support:Windows 2000/XP x32
License: FreeWare
Software type:Videocards - NVIDIA Forceware (Modified)
Software Description:
The NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver is a tweaked version of the NVIDIA ForceWare driver. The main purpose is to satisfy the users with better performance and image quality. The Driver has support for all Geforce cards.

* Based on NVIDIA ForceWare 91.31 WHQL

PCI Latency Tool
We decided to include this handy tool so you could adjust the PCI latency in order to avoid PCI bus choking. It helps optimize performance and resolve stuttering and sound issues. It's recommended to set latency values to 64 for all your PCI/AGP Devices. This tool doesnt support PCI Express cards.

With nHancer the creation and management of profiles is very easy, and the user receives as much assistance as he needs, to understand what he's doing


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