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Обновилась Aptrture до версии 3.1

This update improves overall stability and performance, and addresses compatibility with iLife '11. It also includes a number of specific fixes in the following areas:

Performance when opening large libraries
Performance when exporting heavily-adjusted images
Importing iPhoto Libraries
Relinking to referenced images after importing an iPhoto Library
Importing photos and videos from iPhone or iPad
Upgrading libraries with images containing Spot & Patch adjustments
Duplicate detection of audio and video files
Face detection on RAW+JPEG pairs
Rendering of thumbnails used in Faces view
Rendering of images scaled to below 100% in Viewer
Image quality on straightened images
Applying Red Eye correction
Rendering thumbnails when reprocessing masters
Searching libraries containing a large number of keywords
Applying photos to GPS track paths
Export of GPS data when using Export Metadata command
Handling of color profiles in Print dialog when using Loupe
Applying and removing slideshow Photo Effects
Slideshows containing video clips
Tethered capture
Library database reliability
Library repair
Updating vaults
The update is recommended for all users of Aperture 3.

Смело устанавливаем.
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