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(Acro) ARTS PDF Crackerjack 5.1.2
плуг к Акробату 9 или выше
Powerful PDF imposition tool for professional layout control and PDF booklet making - Choose step and repeat, N-up, 2-up or 4-up to create imposed PDF files that meet your production needs. Control sheet size, margins, gutters and printers. Add trim and registration marks, control creep and bleed, and so on.
Edit images directly inside Adobe® Acrobat® - Fix color spaces, sampling, resolution, size, OPI and much more. Edit one or more images in a document, or make adjustments to all images across a collection of PDF documents.
Convert color - Convert RGB or CMYK text and graphics in PDF files to spot colors before printing.
Works with Enfocus Certified PDF - Easily verify a document's Certified PDF status before printing. Prevent costly errors.
Automate print production using hot folders - Drag and drop PDF files into hot folders to automate your workflow. Save and reuse settings for consistent results.
Get precise control - Adjust for binding and other late-stage positioning needs. Tune dot gain, scaling, separations, screening, and more.
Solve print production problems beyond Acrobat® 7 - Solve common problems with files generated by Microsoft applications like Word, Publisher and PowerPoint.

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