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AccuRev v4.0.3 Enterprise

Если Вы разрабатываете программное обеспечение. Вам нужно программное управление конфигурации системы (SCM). AccuRev как раз для вас. Большинство инструментальных средств SCM навязывают свой собственный процесс разработки. Огромное количество функций делают этот продукт незаменимым в свом классе.

AccuRev's proven stream-based architecture is built specifically for today's complex, parallel, and distributed software development environments.

While most SCM tools essentially impose their own development process, AccuRev software has been designed from the ground up with the flexibility and built-in best practices to support your development process removing the practical limitations or encumbrances that force you into a less than optimal model.

AccuRev 3.8 includes fully-integrated current SCM best practices enabling your custom development processes, generally without requiring custom scripting or significant CM expertise.

These best practices include built-in advanced parallel development capabilities that scale with teams and changing environments, enabling both traditional and more heavy-weight development processes. In addition to custom processes, AccuRev customers have implemented RUP, Agile methodologies, and optimal SCM Patterns without requiring tedious, error-prone, and maintenance-intensive scripting. AccuRev's easy implementation greatly simplifies common tasks like code reviews, nightly builds, refactoring, and fast compare and differencing.

AccuRev provides a rich set of development features, highlights include:

StreamBrowser™ visual representation and control
Built-in support for large parallel development projects
Integrated current SCM best practices
Rebuild any release, any time (Sarbanes-Oxley)
TimeSafe® architecture assures atomic transactions
Instant, authentic, single-step renaming of any object
Out-of-the-box private versioning for developers
Change packages that promote by issue or feature (Enterprise edition)
Fully bidirectional integration of issue tracking and SCM
Integrated 3-way visual merge tool and difference tool
Client/server architecture for optimal remote development
Instant visual snapshots and baseline creation
Replication Server for remote development teams (optional)
Online, hot backup of database
Four simple commands for developers to learn
Merge automatically selects closest common ancestor
Integrated Eclipse and Sun JavaStudio support.

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