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VIA HyperionPro 5.10A

Version: HyperionPro 5.10A
Publisher: Via technologies
Date added: 2006-09-09
File Size: 7 MB
OS Support: Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows XP, Windows XP 64-Bit, Windows 98, Windows 98SE
License: Freeware
Software type: Mainboard drivers - VIA
Software Description:
Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows XP, Windows XP 64-Bit, Windows 98, Windows 98SE
There are three main differences between a VIA Hyperion 4in1 driver package and a VIA HyperionPro package, detailed below. All other recommendations remain.

1) The HyperionPro package includes SATA/RAID drivers whilst the Hyperion 4in1 package does not. The extra contents makes the HyperionPro package over 5MB larger than the Hyperion 4in1 package. Therefore if you are not utilizing a VIA SATA or RAID controller in your system, the Hyperion 4in1 package may be a better download choice.

2) The HyperionPro package supports 64 bit Microsoft Windows XP and 64 bit Windows Server 2003 whilst the Hyperion 4in1 package only supports 32 bit operating systems.

3) Compared with the previous Hyperion Pro driver package, version 5.00A, this version does include the IDE Filter driver, V1.20D. For Win9X/ME/2K the IDE filter driver is needed to support UDMA 6. The IDE Filter driver is not needed for WinXP SP1 and later Microsoft operating systems

Version 5.10A includes the following components:
-INF Driver V2.80A
-AGP Driver V4.60A
-VIA PATA/SATA IDE Driver Package V1.40A
-VIA V-RAID Driver V5.30C, RAID Tools V5.30

VIA Hyperion Pro drivers are suitable for ANY VIA chipset - but they are particularly recommended for KT4## series, P4X4## series and newer, for example:
K7 chipsets: KT400, KT400A, KT600, KT880, KM400, KN400
K8 chipsets: K8T800, K8T800Pro, K8M800, K8N800, K8T890, K8T890Pro
P4 chipsets: P4X400, P4X400A, PT800, PT880, PM800, PM880, PT880Pro, PT894
C Series Chipsets: CN700, CN400, CLE266, CX700, VN800

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