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Getright 6.0 c
Changes in GetRight 6.0c:
- Changed some things to fix the 469 error that a few people get.
- Fix starting from Firefox/Opera if GetRight wasn't running.
- Change some default directory things, for new installs and if still the C:\Downloads default. So Picture types will default to MyPictures, music to MyMusic, etc.
- Changed the graph's look, can right click to select from several colors.
- Added some checks to make sure the save-to folder wasn't too long for Windows.
- Added so GetRight Browser gets a default folder if opened for a Server Synchronizer or Podcast item.
- Fix downloading an updated translation file.
- Had mixed up height & width one place for remembering the window sizes.
- Added so %MON% sorts of variables will work for any of the Save To config items. So could use one default folder of C:\Downloads\%MONTH%-%YYYY%\ to get ...\August-2006\
- Fixed so SaveAs will cleanup temp files better, and not connect as much for looking for redirects.
- Added a message if CyberPatrol seems to be causing problems (blocking all access!)
- Disabled the gzip encoding...seems to cause some files to be corrupted
- Fixed a few more Torrent things. Another cause of slowly losing peers.
- Fix so drag-drop files to GR Browser to upload will start them if you click Now.
- Added so ServerSync items in the Download Status tree have a GetRight Browser menu to open them in the browser.
- Fix so \\server\share\path sorts of folders are remembered correctly.
- Fixed a couple script commands (automatic and set speed limit).
- Added a Podcast config page (and a button from the Podcast Downloader window to open it).
- Changed how the Tip window appears when adding a download, so will re-use if one was showing.
- Little toolbar change, a different Config button.

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используем старый КЛЕАР для активизации (у кого он активирован то ничего не надо )
Скажи спасибо за работу )))
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