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Safari Extender - 1.5.8

Safari Extender adds functionality to Safari in the form of a contextual menu item. With Safari Extender you can do things Safari never allowed you to do before, such as Save or Load a Tab Set, Cut and Paste a Tab, even to a different window! or re-arrange your Tabs by making a Tab be the first one, or make it the last one. You can also compose an email with the current web address in your browser or the text you just selected.

Another option allows you to print the current page showing the page Title, URL and date.

Another option is to temporarily turn Images OFF, which helps when you have a lot of browsing to do in a short time. After you found what you need you can then turn graphics back ON easily.

Other convenient functions in the contextual menu allow you to quickly go back or forward in a page, reload the page and increase or reduce the text size or set the cookie policy. You can also search for text you have selected in Google, MSN, Yahoo and Wikipedia in a new tab. Expect more features in the future. Your suggestions are always welcome!

To open the "contextual menu" in Safari, hold down the control key while you click the mouse in a web page. Note that if you just installed Safari Extender you may need to quit and re-run Safari before the Safari Extender menu shows up.

Safari Extender is Shareware, it costs 10 U.S. dollars after a 15 day trial period.

Safari Extender 1.5.8 [K] (intel)


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