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По умолчанию Win All Floppy Tools

One of the useful packages!


BootIt Next Generation Boot Manager v1.73
BootIt NG is a partition and multiboot manager with a powerful and simple-to-use set of tools for partitioning, imaging, and multi-booting your computer. It combines the features of several standalone products costing hundreds of dollars more.

HDD Regenerator 1.51
Ability to detect physical bad sectors on a hard disk drive surface.
Ability to repair physical bad sectors (magnetic errors) on a hard disk surface.
The product ignores file system, scans disk at physical level. It can be used with FAT, NTFS or any other file system, and also with unformatted or unpartitioned disks. Bootable regenerating diskette allows starting regenerating process under DOS automatically. Bootable regenerating CD can be created from the program and used to automatically start regenerating process.

MemTest86+ v1.55.1
Based on the well-known original memtest86 written by Chris Brady, memtest86+ is a port by some members of the x86-secret team. Our goal is to provide an up-to-date and completly reliable version of this software tool aimed at memory failures detection.

MHDD Drive Diagnostic v4.4 (May 20, 2005)
MHDD — a free software for a fast and informative low-level drive diagnostics.
Makes very fast (up to 20 Gb per 6 minutes) and precise diagnostics of all the surface and heads of the HDD irrespective of the data which is on the diagnosed HDD.
Allows to get rid of «software» bad sectors at the highest possible speed.

Norton PartitionMagic v8.05 - Disks 1 and 2
Symantec’s Norton PartitionMagic 8.0 lets you easily organize your hard drive by creating, resizing, copying, and merging disk partitions. Separate your operating system, applications, documents, music, photos, games, and backup files to reduce the risk of data loss if your system crashes. You can use Norton PartitionMagic 8.0 to run multiple operating systems safely.

Microscope Diagnostic v12.02r
Micro-Scope is the top rated pc diagnostic by computer technicians throughout the industry. Micro-Scope was the first PC diagnostic to run under its own operating system allowing the technician to get in and perform pc diagnostics on any Intel compatible system without misleading results coming from O/S calls or drivers. With Micro-Scope, PC diagnostics have been taken to a new level of accuracy.

Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional v6.04
EasyRecovery Professional data recovery software is the complete solution for your data recovery, file repair and disk diagnostic needs. EasyRecovery Professional contains advanced data recovery capabilities that allow you to search file types including MIDI music files, voice files, digital media files, and more! Plus, you can utilize the Emergency Boot Diskette to recover data from systems that cannot boot to Windows.

Partition Logic v0.55
Partition Logic is a free hard disk partitioning and data management tool. It can create, delete, format, and move partitions and modify their attributes. It can copy entire hard disks from one to another.

Partition Table Doctor v3.0
Partition Table Doctor is the only real partition recovery software used to recover partition for hard disk. When you come up against a drive error (not hardware failure) this versatile tool would automatically check and repair the Master Boot Record, partition table, and the boot sector of the partition with an error, to recover the FAT16/FAT32/NTFS/NTFS5/EXT2/EXT3/SWAP partition on IDE/ATA/SATA/SCSI hard disk drives.

R-Studio Agent Emergency v2.0 (Build 819)
R-Studio Agent Emergency 2.0 is run from floppy or compact disk for data recovery over network in a case when a computer, where files should be recovered, can't boot to Windows because its system files are corrupted or deleted. R-Studio Agent Emergency supports the TCP/IP protocol and automatic network configuration using DHCP.

Windows Memory Diagnostic v0.4
The Windows Memory Diagnostic tests the Random Access Memory (RAM) on your computer for errors. The diagnostic includes a comprehensive set of memory tests. If you are experiencing problems while running Windows, you can use the diagnostic to determine whether the problems are caused by failing hardware, such as RAM or the memory system of your motherboard. Windows Memory Diagnostic is designed to be easy and fast. On most configurations, you can download the diagnostic, read the documentation, run the test and complete the first test pass in less than 30 minutes.

SeaTools Disc Diagnostic v3.00.07 - Disks 1 and 2
SeaTools Desktop Edition features include:
Data safe tests
Tests most ATA and SCSI drives
Compatible with an Intel-based CPU
Creates a log of results
Prints Return Merchandise Authorization instructions and form
Error code explanations available on Seagate Web site
Creates self-booting diskette
Examines file structure analysis...

VCOM System Commander v8.13 - Disks 1 and 2
Multiple OS Management and Partitioning in One Package!
Easily add and remove OSes - great for safe migrations to a new OS, trying out Linux, or any other OS you'd like. The VCOM System Commander is the ultimate boot manager!
As a boot manger, Supports every PC-compatible OS!
Automatic preparation for adding OSes
User selectable graphics
Installs from any Windows, including Windows XP NTFS.
Free! Partition Commander - Safe resize, create, move & copy for Windows, Linux and DOS partitions.
Undo partitioning with exclusive BackStep™ technology.

Winternals NTFSDOS Professional v5.0 - Disks 1 and 2
If you need to access NTFS drives from MS-DOS, NTFSDOS Professional is the solution. NTFSDOS Professional allows you to create a boot diskette with which to boot NT systems. The diskette contains an MS-DOS environment where you can easily mount NTFS drives with drive letters and run DOS programs to read, write, repair, or otherwise modify the drives just as you would on FAT drives. You can run DOS-based antivirus software in the NTFSDOS environment to disinfect a system while the OS is safely offline. NTFSDOS Professional is a powerful tool to repair corrupt files or configuration problems that prevent Windows NT, 2000, XP, and Server 2003 systems from booting.



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