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По умолчанию OmniFocus

OmniFocus 2.6.1 – GTD task manager with iOS companion app.

OmniFocus helps you manage your tasks the way that you want, freeing you to focus your attention on the things that matter to you most.

Capturing tasks and ideas is always a keyboard shortcut away in OmniFocus 2. Clip data from Mail, Safari, Messages, or third-party apps. Bring up Quick Entry to file away an idea before it drifts away; it’s always at your fingertips, waiting for more.

File Format:

OmniFocus has a new file format which will enable new features in OmniFocus 2.x and beyond. Starting in OmniFocus 2.15 for iOS and 2.6 for Mac, OmniFocus will observe which other copies of the app you are using to sync your database. When it detects that all copies are up to date, you’ll be prompted to migrate to the new format. If you have some older versions of OmniFocus that need to be updated or disconnected from sync before you can migrate, OmniFocus will let you know about that as well. If you’d like to see which devices OmniFocus thinks are ready and which need to be updated or disconnected, choose Migrate Database… from the OmniFocus File menu. If this goes straight to the Migration prompt, that means you’re good to go!

OmniFocus has always encrypted the communications between itself and the server you sync to, but an attacker who gained access to your files on the server could still read your data. In the new file format, all your information is encrypted at rest on the server as well. For more information on our implementation and some of its implications, see this thread in our forums.

Restoring a backup now automatically pushes that backup to your sync location and triggers a sync in your other clients that will overwrite their local database. This should reduce the number of "Replace your Database and Start Syncing?" alerts related to restoring.
Write-In-Progress Files:

OmniFocus now automatically removes server files created during interrupted syncs.

You can now choose to sync with a server even if OmniFocus cannot verify that your connection to that server is secure.
Incompatible Databases:

Fixed a false-positive database incompatibility prompt.
Software Update:

Fixed a problem where OmniFocus would not quit to install an update because of a sync in progress.
Learn About Pro:

Fixed several layout problems with this window.

Copy and Duplicate are now correctly disabled for the No Context item.

The "Create a Context or Project" in the Inspector no longer disappears when you accept a spelling correction.
Sync Settings:

The Address label for Custom WebDAV is visible again on OS X 10.10.
False Sync Conflicts:

Fixed a number of scenarios that would result in a conflict message that made no sense.
Attachment Crashes:

Fixed crashes related to copying and pasting items with attachments.
Os X 10.10:

Fixed a problem where text in the sidebar would shift vertically during editing.
More Crashes:

Fixed several other crashes.

Updated our localizations.

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