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По умолчанию SftpDrive

SftpDrive: Work on Windows. Rely on Linux.
We just released version 1.1! It's faster, supports x64, and authenticates with public keys.

Map your SSH server as a Windows network drive with SftpDrive. Our SFTP file system network enables all your Windows applications.
Forget drag and drop! Just use your remote files in all your applications.

Don't drag and drop. Don't transfer back and forth. Just use your network files directly from your applications. SftpDrive network-enables all your Windows applications by enabling you to map your SSH server as a network drive. Save and edit files directly on your server. Perfect for any web developer or programmer that runs Windows, but relies on Linux.
Get VPN security and convenience without the expensive VPN.

VPNs are useful. You can access your network and files from anywhere on the Internet safely and securely. But what if you don't have a VPN? It can take months and thousands of dollars to install and administer a complicated VPN. SftpDrive lets your applications access your files from anywhere on the Internet safely and securely, like a VPN, without the VPN.
You already have SSH! You don't need another server.

SSH is the industry standard for remote access to Linux, Mac OS X, and UNIX computers because it's safe, secure, and just works from anywhere on the Internet. SSH servers like OpenSSH and VShell also have a powerful system called SFTP already installed. Unrelated to the archaic FTP protocol, SFTP is a modern, secure system that gives you the power to treat your network files as if they were right on your desktop. Stream movies and music. Run programs. Load and save any file from any application. Best of all, your SSH server is ready to go.
Zero config. It just works!

If you can SSH to your server, you can map it as an SFTP drive. Every network equation has two sides, the server and the client. Your SSH server is already setup and so is your client. Just launch SftpDrive and mount your SSH server. All you need to know is your login and password.
INTERESTED? Try out SftpDrive for six weeks. Totally free.
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SftpDrive News

April 4th, 2006 - We just released version 1.5!

The improvements in 1.5 are the result of an amazing base of users who keep giving us great suggestions and feedback!

We've implemented the two most requested features: Windows 2000 support and reconnecting drives at logon, along with a host of other features and fixes. Be sure to try out SSH proxying, which allows you to transparently tunnel through any SSH server to another.

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