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а вылеты происходят тока когда ты в инете или когда в оффлайне тоже? если когда в инете то нада ставить заплатки 100%
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по моему ето твой случай

If your computer is vulnerable to the worm, the worm may cause
LSASS.EXE to crash which will force the operating system to shutdown
after 60 seconds. This shutdown can be aborted on Windows XP
systems by using the built-in ”shutdown.exe -a”command. This
shutdown can NOT be aborted on Windows 2000 systems.To prevent
LSASS.EXE from crashing (thereby restarting the operating system)
unplug the network cable (or disable the network adapter before
LSASS.EXE crashes) and then perform the following step to prevent the
worm from crashing LSASS.EXE:
Create a file called %systemroot%\debug\dcpromo.log and make
the file read-only. To do this, type the following command by
going to Start->Run, type ”CMD”and hit OK.
In the command window enter the following text:
echo dcpromo >%systemroot%\debug\dcpromo.log & attrib +r
If the machine is currently infected with the Sasser worm it may start
flooding the local network connection as soon as the cable is plugged
back in making it impossible to download updates. To temporarily
disable the worm use Task Manager to kill the following processes:
Kill any process ending with ‘_up.exe’ (i.e. 12345_up.exe etc.)

Kill any process starting with ‘avserve’ (i.e. avserve.exe, avserve2.exe etc.)

Kill any process named ‘skynetave.exe’
After stopping the worm processes you should be able to download
the security update and a Sasser removal tool.
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