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По умолчанию Tukanas soft: Link Extractor,Email Extractor, Hits Generator

Tukanas Link Extractor
can quickly extract links/url from files and folders. Thanks to this software it will possible to easily extract customer data, transaction data, sales data, order data...from files. Search and extract ftp, http, gopher, https, emails, news, telnet, wais, phone, fax link. You also can specify your custom Link and custom Text. Tukanas Link Extractor automatically remove duplicate link. User can define the extraction depth they want and save results under TXT and CVS formats.
Extract links/url from files and folders
Search and extract ftp, http, gopher, https, emails, news, telnet, wais, phone, fax link
Define custom Link and custom Text
Choose the Extraction Depth (0=all base urls)
Automatically remove duplicate link
Save results under TXT and CVS formats
Multiple Languages

Tukanas Hits Generator
has been designed to simulate real online visitors. Check that your server has no problem to count visits, increase your rank and referrals very easily.
Easybooster uses local system resources rather than server resources, so as long as your machine is on, you are delivering the traffic. Simply send thousands of unique "fake" visitors to you website.

With our software it will be easy to create hundreds of thousands of high Pagerank inbound links, not just for one of your websites but for unlimited URLs you specify.

You will easily boost your link popularity, position in search engines. Your sales and sign up will be better.

Imagine having thousands of new visitors to your website and affiliate links every day, when you want. Just run our software. You can use Easybooster to promote any URL you choose. Just add the URLs you want to generate massive traffic and high Pagerank.

You also run a traffic service or traffic exchange and can't deliver the traffic you promised or even charged your clients for? Our software can not only deliver the traffic you promised, but you can change the referring website to your own or ANY other site to make it even more unique! Send fake visitors to your clients websites!

All the traffic sent by our software is unique and shows up as unique in your website and server stats. You can simulate thousands visitors for your website,traffic exchange, toplists... Also checking that your server has no problem to count visits.
Send unlimited hits to any website
Define the total number of hits to send per hour
Define the total number of users to send
Boost your link popularity with new links by the thousands
Post data to a web form, ideal for topsites, click-games and online polls.
No Database required!
Real time statistics
Can choose referrers, user agents and proxies randomly
Easy to install!
Generates constant traffic, 24/7
Specify unlimited URLs, including individual pages
Uses proxies to simulate realistic traffic
Get Linked automatically to other high Pagerank Websites
Generate Targeted Visitors To Unlimited Urls
+++Access to proxy lists

Tukanas Email Extractor
has been made to collect e-mail adresses from websites. It can obviously extract email adresses in any files on your computer.
It will be usefull to extract emails for marketing, search directory creation, website promotion, web research etc. Create targeted mailing lists cannot be so easy.
Easy Email Extractor doesn't need any additional software like Microsoft Internet Explorer to be run. Contrary to many email extractors.
It can use several filters for scanning web pages. You only have to enter a valid URL or several keywords to get results.
The software never visit the same web sites twice. It is a multi threaded application that allows up to 100 email extractions simultaneously with automatic optimization.

Emails can be sort by name/domain.
Results can be saved in .txt, .doc, .xls and .cvs format.
Filter emails by zones/countries (commercial, business, .gov, .uk, .de, .fr etc.)
Search engines can be choosen. Google, Yahoo, Msn, Astalavista.
Auto-remove duplicate email addresses
Limit the hunting depth level
Add an hunting limitation (current site only/all links etc)
Can work through proxy servers
Emails can be filtered with your personal criterias
Define the number of threads/TimeOut
User Agents can be used
Save Emails, Emails and URL or only URL


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