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По умолчанию PowerQuestPartition Magic

PowerQuestPartition Magic 8.01.1274 ISO

PowerQuest Partition Magic 8.01.1274 Multilanguage ISO

Partition Magic provides a full array of features to meet your specific partitioning needs:

Partitions can protect your valuable data from system crashes, simplify
backups, and facilitate system migrations. PowerQuest DataKeeper will
monitor your file activity in the background and automatically back
up and protect your data, including multiple versions of the same file.

FREE, effortless data protection software - For a limited time, when you
purchase PartitionMagic, you will also receive the award-winning PowerQuest
DataKeeperЦ. File Browser - Browse, copy, or move files and folders from
one supported partition to another, including the ability to manage files
in hidden partitions. PQBootЦ for Windows - While running Windows, select which OS to run the next time the computer is rebooted.
Enlarge NTFS partitions "hot" - No rebooting is required when expanding an NTFS partition, not even the system partition.
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