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По умолчанию OsenXPSuite

OsenXPSuite v11.24.0.117
Windows | crack include | 11 Mb | english

Visual Component

* XP look under Windows ® 98/Me/2000/XP with three different color schemes
* OsenXPListBox have a Background picture embedding with transparency level
* Multiple checkbox in OsenXPListbox
* Combo box multi column and image viewer
* Display an image/icon on each column of the OsenXPListbox
* MsgBox and Inputbox XP with gradient form
* Conditional formatting for OsenXPListBox, just wrote a single line of code
* Column header for OsenXPListBox, OsenXPCombobox, and OsenXPTreeview
* Item string, font, fore/back color, and other properties are completely customizable for each row
of the OsenXPListbox
* Animated Gif viewer (Advance feature in OsenXPPicture)
* Fadein and fadeout effect (Be found in OsenXPForm)
* Fadein effect when show popup calender (Advance feature for OsenXPDTPicker, optional)
* The OsenXPTextbox is now Mask supported
* The OsenXPTextbox allows you to display button within an editor's text box
* Auto completion be found in OsenXPCombobox
* The OsenXPComboBox support for the display of images both within the text box and dropdown items
* The OsenXPPictureBox have context menu that allows end-user image manipulations - clipboard operations,
loading images from files and saving them
* and much more...


* Included SQLite3 engine and SQLite3 class wrapper for embedded database application
* Included MySQL class wrapper
* Create your embedded database application just a few minutes
* OsenXPListbox can be bound with recordset, OsenXPTextBox, OsenXPComboBox and OsenXPDTPicker
* The OsenXPPictureBox control can be used standalone in both unbound and data-aware modes
* The MyADODC control is designed to navigate through the specified dataset and perform data management
operations against it such as inserting or deleting records, posting or canceling changes, searching,
filtering, refreshing, etc.
* MyADODC is the best solution to create a database application with single line of code, save your time
* Secure your embedded database (SQLite3 database with encryption module)

Network tool

* Since v11, OsenXPSuite included MyWinsock controls, fully MS Winsock replacement
* Progress event is perfect for monitoring file/data transfers
* Ping and Trace route function with event handling (Be found in MyWInsock control)
* A single line of code to send email with attacthment (Be found in MyWInsock control)
* The most Easy way to create a check for updates utility with progressbar control (Be found in sample project)

Encryption and Compression

* Incredibly Fast encryption or compression function.
* Encryption/compression result can be store in HEX format.
* Includes function to convert String to Hex or vice versa.
* Encryption function provide by Native Windows API (CryptDecrypt from advapi32 library).

The Most Popular Windows XP Emulation Controls - GUARANTEED!

* Below is a short list of the benefits available to you when using the OsenXPSuite 2006 in your
development project.
* Give your applications look and feel of Windows XP, regardless their operating systems.
* Simple and powerful, all components stored in a single file redistributable (under 1200 Kb).
* Ideal tools (components) for creating embedded database application.
* A built-in SQLite3 Class wrapper (Fully encrypted databases, Incredibly fast, faster than most
every other embedded database)
* A built-in familiar functions, and provide you with a class that encapsulates most functions.
* Easy to use and customize to give you the ability to quickly and easily create professional applications.
* Just write a single line of code to build your embed database application (including with data
management operations against it such as inserting or deleting records, posting or canceling changes,
searching, filtering, refreshing, etc.)
* And so much more...

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