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По умолчанию Xara Xtreme Pro DL

Xara Xtreme Pro DL

Xara Xtreme offers an unbeatably easy way to create graphics combining drawings, photos and text with a power and flexibility that is unique to Xtreme.

Some Features:
• Animated Flash Export
• Adobe Photoshop® PSD import and export
• PDF/X and other PDF export improvements
• Color separation support
• PANTONE® color support
• Levels XPE plug-in
• Enhanced text tool
• Short cut key configuration
• The Clipart Gallery, Bitmap Tracer, Name gallery , Templates

Photo Tools
The XPE Photo Editor, Single click auto-enhance
Crop & Rotate, Red Eye Removal, Maintain photo quality
Magic undo, Third party plug-ins
Photo Compression, Advanced photo work

Illustration ( drawing) tools
Drawing tools, Transparency, Blending, Feathering, Contours, Bevels, Fills, Shadows, Brushes, Molds / envelopes, Text handling , ClipView, Pressure sensitivity, Live Effects

Navigation buttons , Flash export (.swf), Animation
Dreamweaver integration, Hexadecimal RGB web color Image slicing, Image maps, Exporting and optimizing, Linked stretching

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