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И правду, надо было deploy.chm, а не ref.

Sysprep and Windows Product Activation
Microsoft Windows Product Activation (WPA) is an anti-piracy technology designed to verify that the product has been legitimately licensed.

Windows XP upgrade licenses acquired through a Microsoft volume licensing agreement, such as Microsoft Open License, Enterprise Agreement, or Select License, do not require activation. Installations of Windows XP made with volume licensing media and volume license product keys (VLKs) will have no activation, hardware checking, or limitations on installation or imaging.

A volume license product key is a product key issued to a specific customer under a specific license agreement. Each VLK is associated with a specific customer and type of product that the customer is licensed for. For Select License Agreement, Enterprise Agreement, School Agreement or Campus Agreement customers, one VLK is issued per enrollment agreement per product family. For Microsoft Open License customers, the VLK is provided on the Open License order confirmation. These VLKs are to be used when prompted by the product at installation or when a custom image is created. A VLK must be used with volume licensing media. VLKs cannot be used with retail full packaged product or OEM CD media.

Use the ProductKey entry of Sysprep.inf to automate product key entry into network and custom CD installation images so that end users are never prompted to enter a product key during product installation.

Activation for OEM or Retail Media
Most customers can easily manage activation after receiving their computers. But if you prefer, you can activate the software on behalf of your customers, making it easier for them to start using their new computers, and adding significant value to your service. After activation is completed, most users never have to activate their installation again.

You cannot make an image of an activated Windows installation and duplicate that image to another computer. If you do, Windows fails to recognize the activation and forces the end user to reactivate the installation manually.

To activate Windows for your customer, prepopulate the ProductKey entry with the product key from the certificate of authenticity (COA) label that is affixed to the specific computer, and activate the computer on behalf of the end user. Then run sysprep -reseal to shut the computer down.

To preserve a successful activation of the installation, you must run Sysprep with the -activated command-line option. For example:

sysprep -activated -reseal
If you do not run Sysprep with the -activated option, Sysprep removes these activation settings and resets the clock on WPA.

The clock for WPA begins its countdown the first time Windows XP starts. You can use Sysprep for a maximum of three times to reset the clock for WPA. After the third time you run Sysprep, the clock can no longer be reset.

Limiting the Number of Sysprep Reseals
You can create a master installation, run sysprep -reseal on it, create an image of that installation, and then safely store that image for more than 30 days. The 30-day countdown for Windows Product Activation does not begin until the next time the operating system starts.
If you do not want to reset the clock, or if you want to preserve settings while running Sysprep on an installation that is already activated, use the -activated command-line option. For example, type:
sysprep -activated -reseal
By using the command sysprep -activated, you can avoid resetting the grace period for activation. This requires that the system be preactivated in the factory.
You can avoid resetting the grace period by using System Locked Preinstallation (SLP) in your factory installations.
By setting the parameter OEMAuditBoot = 1 in the [Startup] section of Oobeinfo.ini before resealing, you can specify that the computer restarts in Factory mode. This is equivalent to using the sysprep -factory command.
If you need to modify the configuration on the computer before delivering it to the end user, you can press CTRL+SHIFT+F3 at the Windows Welcome Screen to re-enter Audit mode.

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