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По умолчанию FlashyEffects

FlashyEffects v1.2.0

Designed to let you be productive and get results in minutes, FlashyEffects focuses on text and image effects. FlashyEffects is ideal for non-professional web designers who do not require the advanced features of KoolMoves. Featuring a wizard-driven user interface, no knowledge of Flash is required to create your animations.

Version 1.2.0 1/22/07:
- Fixed problem with Cursor Blinking property of Cursor Write On motion script effect.
- Fixed problem in exporting 8-bit slides and slides with transparency in Slide Show component.
- Fixed display of menu item Edit > Delete Shape.
- Added automatic centering of animation in Text Effects and Animated Clip Art preview windows.
- Fixed fade in/out effect for symbol shape with a gradient fill.
- Fixed font selection in Text Message Preloader.
- Fixed Export Movie > As Frame Capture to remove remnants of web browser frame.
- Added saving/restoring of application’s window state.
- Added Delete in All Frames right-click option in Timeline.
- Added ability to draw horizontal/vertical lines by holding down SHIFT key while drawing.
- Increased swf export buffer, used in compressing wav and jpg elements of swf, to 2 Mb.
- Eliminated question about sharing frames/button states or making a complete copy when pasting into a frame that doesn’t already contain the object to avoid confusion.
- Fixed an object naming problem in copy/pasting a button to the same frame.
- Fixed several problems associated with delete object and Properties dialog.
- Fixed fade in/out effect problem for symbols.
- Added compression to .fun file with option to save in old format (File > Preferences) — old files will open OK; new files will not open in older versions of KoolMoves.
- Added user option for number of undo levels (File > Preferences).
- Added message popup if exporting as Flash 8, local playback security with value local with one or more http:// getUrl urls.
- Added option in File > Preferences to suppress ftp help popup after swf/html export.
- Removed folder selection from web interfaces screen and other library screens because it causes confusion.

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