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По умолчанию Re: Как транслировать в сеть TV канал.

Streaming using a Video Capture Card via VIDEOLAN

You need:
Operating System
1 Video Capture Card
Drivers for Video Capture card (go to [Для просмотра ссылок требуется регистрация. Зарегистрироваться...] to find software drivers for video capture cards, they have TONS)
DirectX 9.0

VLC (please get the nightly version, a lot of good folks work really hard on his software, and PLEASE donate to them if you can)
A network connection
Windows Media Player

Step 1
-- Install Capture Card (I use all ATI Wonder Cards and have no problem)
-- Install or Update your DirectX ([Для просмотра ссылок требуется регистрация. Зарегистрироваться...])
-- Install VLC

Step 2 FOR NAT(using DHCP for home networks)/DSL/CABLE Routers
-- Go to your router and click on Port Forwarding
-- Enter your VLC server's IP address and the desired port for forwarding.
-- Your router should accept the setting and tell you everything is ok

Step 3
-- Fire up VLC
-- Go to File > Open Captue Device > Video Device Name > Refresh.. (wait a moment) click on the default bar and then click on your capture device driver (the one that came with your card)
-- Now click Stream/Save > Settings
-- Click on Play Locally and MMSH. Insert YOUR LOCAL IP ADDRESS and DESIRED port (for folks using NAT thats 192.X.X.X that you forwarded on your router earlier)
-- Click on Video Codec and select your Video Codec format (I use WMV since I am using WMP), then select a good bitrate like 192 or 128, then select the size of the picture in your player (1 - 2)
-- Repeat the instructions above for audio
-- [b] VERY IMPORTANT TTL .... Type 10 at a minimum... This tells VLC the number of routers your stream will probably
go across..
-- Click Ok and Click Ok again to start your stream
Step 4
Open WMP and click on File > Open URL
Type http://<your ROUTERS IP>:9494

стримил таким образом карту Avermedia TV 307 в WLAN (11 Mб/с), заработала связка кодеков WMV1 (bitrate 768 - 1024 кб/с) + mp3 (96 кб/c). Сейчас смотрю телик на ноуте
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