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По умолчанию AoA DVD copy

AoA DVD copy - v2.8.0
Win App | 2.3 mb | RS.COM

With Aoa DVD Copy, you own the most efficient way to create backup copies of your DVD movie collection. These working copies allow you to play your DVDs on home and computer DVD players every day without the inevitable risk of getting your originals scratched or damaged. You get disc protection with no loss of playback quality.

Protect Your DVDs from Scratches or Loss!

-Back up your DVD movies onto DVD discs with one click.
-Back up your DVDs on your hard drive.
-True quality 1:1 copies of your DVDs.
-Supports ALL recordable media formats including DVD+R/RW.
-Copy single-layer DVD5 movies onto one single-layer (DVD5) DVD+R/RW - DVD-R/RW discs.
-Shrink and copy a dual-layer (DVD9) movie into one single-layer (DVD5) saving disc space in high quality
-Split and copy a dual-layer (DVD9) movie to 2 single-layer (DVD5) discs with all the special features, menus, subtitles
and languages.
-Copy a DVD to your hard drive in DVD file structure so that you can watch a DVD movie or burn a DVD disc from the
hard drive
-Burn a DVD structure file from your hard drive to a blank DVD disc.

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