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По умолчанию BellCommander

BellCommander v3.00
Win App | 2.7mb | RS.COM

BellCommander is an innovative, patent-pending, audio scheduling application which uses standard PCs and optional low-cost hardware to create a powerful school bell, factory bell, or intercom system. BellCommander works with existing public address/intercom systems by playing audio from the PC's sound card to the PA system.

Or, BellCommander can use small network devices or client PCs to distribute audio to locations across buildings. In this configuration, different buildings or rooms can receive different audio, so different rooms of a school can have different bell schedules or different areas of a store can have different announcements playing. Installation costs are extremely low since the organization's existing network and cabling can be used.

Powerful Scheduler
Supports standard and block scheduling
Easily define and set holiday and assembly schedules
Quickly set a range of dates to a specific schedule for vacations or alternative schedules
Unique scheduler allows you to pre-define day schedules and then apply them to a calendar

Patent-Pending Multiple Zone Support
New technology uses network audio devices which can play any MP3 or WAV audio file
Devices can be installed anywhere on the network and do not require a direct connection to the PC
Multiple devices can be grouped together to create larger zones
Solution is easy to deploy and requires only limited network knowledge
Solution is easy to program and requires only basic Windows knowledge

Low-Cost Single Zone Support
Low cost alternative for single zone systems
Uses a standard PC sound card to send audio to speakers or existing PA system
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