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По умолчанию Podcast Station

Podcast Station ver. 2.1.08
Win App | 9.0 Mb | RS.COM

Welcome to Podcast Station, a Win 2k and XP program that will record, edit, mix and publish your podcasts. It's like having a control console on your computer. Podcast Station provides an easy and fun way to create a Podcast from start to finish. Designed to be used with or without mixers, amplifiers or compression/limiters because these are all built in.

• One easy-to-navigate screen.
• Up to 30 programmable deck buttons.
• Up to 70 programmable cart buttons.
• Automatic Gain Control (AGC) - boosts the timid and limits the loud on either or both channels.
• Markers - Mark and make notes while recording or playing back. Ideal for long interviews.
• Zoom – Podcast Station provides exact editing with a 100X zoom feature

The Minimum You Have to Have
An analog microphone that can plug into your sound card
Windows 2000 or XP
Pentium 3 or higher
DirectX 9 or higher
Soundcard (audio device) with current WDM/DirectSound audio drivers
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