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По умолчанию Prism Suite

Prism Suite v7.1.1.580
OS: Win32 | 37.3MB ]

You know what tools you need to do your job. But finding the right combination of features and value can be a real challenge. Point solutions offer strong functionality, but no integration. And integrated suites designed for large enterprise environments come with a high price tag and lots of excess baggage – including the hidden costs of implementation consulting and weeks of training.

Prism Suite was designed with you in mind. It combines the automated desktop management functions administrators use the most – asset management, software deployment, and patch management – in an easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to implement modular solution.

Prism Suite delivers mature functionality and proven technologies combined into a single desktop and configuration management solution. With its flexible design, you decide which of the products you want, so you only buy what you really need. And Prism Suite’s open architecture lets you customize the solution to fit the way you work. You can even add your favorite tools from other vendors and launch them right from the Prism Console.
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