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По умолчанию SpaceObServer

SpaceObServer v2.6.0.149
Win App | 4.4mb | RS.COM

SpaceObServer is a hard disk space manager for Windows. It scans directory trees using a background service, and stores their structure, sizes and properties in an SQL database. In a client application the collected data can be viewed and browsed in hierarchical or tabular views, 3D bar, pie and line charts.

Using the archived data you are able to track the development of the space usage from past to present. A flexible file search with many predefined searches allows filtering and listing files directly from the database. A duplicated file search is also included. The SpaceObServer Client application is a remote management tool for scheduling and reporting scans. It enables you to access information of scanned directories, from additional computers in your network.

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003.

A background Service regularly scans selected drives and archives collected data in a SQL database.
Suported databases: MS SQL Server 2000/2005, ORACLE 9/10, MS Access or IBM DB2.
By analyzing the NTFS Change Journals SpaceObServer is able to update data of local NTFS drives constantly. This results in disc usage information which is always up to date.
Space usage History.
A highly customizable file search allows filtering your files by size, allocated space, wasted space, last change, last access and creation date, extension, filename pattern, file properties or owner.
Duplicated files are listed on an additional tab on the right pane.
View, print and export 3D bar, pie and line charts.
Several exporting and reporting possibilities: Printed report (showing the directory structure), Excel, XML, text file, clipboard.
SpaceObServer is able to detect NTFS Alternate Data Streams.
Show the size for each folder grouped by users or file extensions.
Simulate the size and structure of directory trees for previous dates.
A customizable size, e.g. allocated space or percentage space usage, is shown directly in the directory tree.
Show and print folders with high space usage in bold.
Columns can be configured separately for the Details view, Excel export, text export and printed reports.
Discover which folders occupy most of your hard disk space.
Customize your output format, e.g. number of decimals, KB or MB, etc.
Support for NTFS file based compression.
SpaceObServer supports the international character standard Unicode.
Explorer context menu is supported inside the SpaceObServer.
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