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По умолчанию GretagMacbeth Color Quality

GretagMacbeth Color Quality ver. 5.0 | 27.2 MB

With Color Quality, you will meet the quality standards from the start. From the receipt of the initial order (or reorder) to delivery of the final printed material, you have colors, papers, proofs and the final product under constant control. The result is quality standards which pay off – both in production and lower costs.

Consistent color quality for ink and print production
- Store all data for a job in a single place – including references, color standards, tolerances, measurement conditions and any other important order details.
- Trend data, CIELab diagrams, spectral data and statistics, density values and metamerism can be printed in graphic or table form for easy analysis.
- Practical search criteria help access new or existing color data, orders or customer information.
- Pantone® color libraries enable you to directly access the spectral values of Pantone colors reliably and with confidence.
- Utilizes CxF (Color Exchange Format) for seamless digital color communication from design to production to printing.

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