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По умолчанию MAXQDA v2007 R070307 Multilingual

MAXQDA v2007 R070307 Multilingual | 15.3 mb

MAX Maps offers a new perspective on your data and the relationships to it. The primary task of MAX Maps is to give a graphical representation of the different elements of a MAXqda project. These "objects" can be inserted into the MAX Maps drawing pad, and connections can be made in order to visualize a complex graph of relationships. MAX Maps also allows you to design graphical models or networks that are completely independent of MAXqda's data. All elements of MAXqda, e.g. codes, memos, coded segments, and documents, may be imported into a map. Additionally MAX Maps also allows you to insert so-called free elements (text, pictures, and graphics).

MAX Maps can be used for different purposes. Maps can help to explore and organize data. They allow you to develop your ideas and to communicate them in your research team. Maps can also be a valuable tool for scientific explanation and can help to visualize complex relationships and theories. For instance you can create tables and worksheets to gain a better perspective over the different elements of a project. MAX Maps can also be used for presentations and lectures. The different layers of a map may be displayed in arbitrary order, thus a variety of different options for designing presentations are available.

With MAX Maps it is possible to display

* The relationships between different codes and categories
* An overview over different facts and phenomenon of the research field
* The different memos belonging to a document or a group of documents
* The context or important facts of the research, e.g. photographs of locations or persons
* A graphical overview of the research methods used
* A time schedule of the research
* The research design and characteristics of the sample

MAX Maps is not only a graphical tool that works with icons and symbols, in addition all the elements used in a map are interactive, that means they are connected to your MAXqda project. MAX Maps allows you to define connections and relationships by yourself. These connections may be hypothetical, and it is not necessarily required for the different maps which you design during your work to be consistent in logic. As a result you are able to "play" with different models and relationships.
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