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Radiotracker Platinum v3.0.1.37 | 35.1 Mb

State-of-the-art, distributed technology is the secret to Radiotracker's power. Leveraging this transparent functionality, Radiotrackers around the world are able to automatically inform each other about which internet radio station is beginning to play which music. Your Radiotracker is automatically notified when the music you want begins to play somewhere. In an instant, Radiotracker Platinum starts recording the titles on your Wish List. The whole process happens automatically and so fast that hardly the wink of an eye goes by before Radiotracker starts delivering your favorite songs directly to your PC—free of charge and recorded in super-high MP3 quality reaching up to 320kBit/s. Add to that automated cut and volume normalization functions, automated ID3 tagging and searches for album cover artwork and lyrics, and you've got a powerful solution that lets you capture hundreds of your favorites songs in just a short

How does Radiotracker know what music is playing where?

Each executing Radiotracker Platinum application automatically sends all other Radiotracker applications a tiny message about which music is just beginning to play and where. This makes it possible to tap into thousands of internet radio stations to find your favorite music. The world becomes smaller! For example, a Radiotracker in Yespan might notify your Radiotracker that the Madonna hit you've been urgently seeking is beginning to play. At the same time, your Radiotracker automatically receives additional information about the other MP3s you're looking for, reduced to information about the current music track and information from the located radio broadcaster. It's totally brilliant, and it's totally legal.

Quickly Target and Download Your Favorite Music

Only Radiotracker Platinum can track thousands of internet radio stations and hunt for your desired MP3 music tracks worldwide. Other programs are limited to simple filtering processes that ravenously devour the full bandwidth of your internet connection to cough up only an occasional result. Radiotracker Platinum's search process instead utilizes concrete information from targeted broadcasters, resulting in minimized bandwidth usage, maximum results and optimal quality. All Radiotracker Platinum and Premium functions are listed in the table below.

Radiotracker Platinum: For Music Lovers Who Won't Settle for Less

Radiotracker Platinum for Microsoft Windows brings you free, flat-rate MP3 music, a super-efficient Wish List function, a free, updateable music database, a built-in directory of internet radio broadcasters containing over 14,000 listings, access to 77 music genres, multiple parallel streaming from an unlimited number of internet radio stations, management of favorite and blacklisted stations, automatic cut, volume normalization and transition fading functions, an ID3 tag search agent and editor, automated album cover and lyric searching, a ring tone generator and a built-in Player that lets you listen to your favorite stations, play back music, burn CDs and synchronize music with MP3 players, Apple iPods and other mobile devices.
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