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По умолчанию Longtion FlashDemo Pro

Longtion FlashDemo Pro v3.0.0.30 | 5,1 Mb

FlashDemo Pro works by taking a series of screenshots of a running application. It records the actions being taken on the application and so is able to demonstrate a simulation of these actions. Each screenshot taken by FlashDemo Pro constitutes a Scene that can then be edited to suit your required demo/tutorial.
After recording a running application and the actions taken on that application, add detail, annotations and explanations to your movie by adding Objects and visual aids and manipulating the time sequencing for Scenes, objects and visual aids in the Editing Window.

FlashDemo Pro is extremely flexible and easy to use. The Editing tools available allow total control of scene behaviour and all visual aids and objects within the scene.

You can create Demos/Tutorials in minutes without programming knowledge required. Capture visual changes to your desktop in real time and auto-record mouse movements and appearance.

Add, Remove (or Duplicate) Scenes. Edit individual scenes and preview the results for the single scene instantly. FlashDemo Pro's Editing Tools (Objects) makes editing very fast and efficient. Use Objects to add unlimited visual (and/or Audio) aids in your demo/tutorial. FlashDemo Pro is TimeLine based and provides efficient methods for arranging the sequence of events.
FlashDemo Pro allows you to Publish movies in the following formats

Flash Movie (.swf)
Executable File (.exe)
HTML File (.htm)
AutoRun CD/DVD Files or burn CD/DVD directly with built-in CD Burner
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