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По умолчанию RealReturns

RealReturns v1.0
OS: Win32 | 14.92 MB

RealReturns calculates investment returns using a variation of the concept known as ‘Compound annual growth rate’ (CAGR). Basically, RealReturns will tell you what rate of return your investments would have had to earn in a savings account to achieve the same results.

‘Forecast’ your investments 5, 10, 15 or any number of periods from now if they maintain the same level of return

Using the rates of return determined by RealReturns, what-if scenarios can be generated to see what your investments will be worth if they continue to perform at the same rate. Use this tool for other uses too! Want to know what your monthly payment will be on your loan? Simply key in the term, rate and loan amount and click a button.
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