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File Monster v2.8.0 | 1.31MB

Using File Monster to delete files is very easy. Just mark the files you want to delete and then press "Delete" on your keyboard (or select "Delete" from the File pull-down menu). You can select just one file, select several files, or select all the files for deletion.
If you are deleting files using normal deletion methods, then you are leaving all the data in those files readily available to anyone with access to your computer! File Monster, on the other hand, completely erases and deletes files from your system -- overwriting all the data in the file to ensure that a file recovery utility will not be able to recover the file or, more importantly, the data contained in it. Erasing files with only normal methods is the equivalent of leaving your home with all its valuable possessions inside, closing the door firmly -- but not actually locking the door. Anyone with the simple knowledge of how to open a door can easily walk in: maybe they will just snoop around (look in all your drawers, inventory your medicine cabinet, rummage in closets and under your bed, etc.) -- or maybe they will take some of your possessions for their own use, or they will use the information against you! The reason your data is still readily available when you delete files with normal deletion methods is because the procedure only tells the operating system to not recognize the file as being present anymore; however, the data contained in those files has not actually been erased and, thus, anyone with a simple file recovery utility can very easily get all that data back to do with as they wish. File Monster, however, not only overwrites all the data within a file so that the data cannot be recovered, but it also overwrites the original file name with a randomly generated name and it changes the original creation date of the file -- all to further ensure your privacy. In fact, after you have erased a file with File Monster, the only thing a file recover utility could do is undelete an empty file that does not have any of your original data and that only has a non-descriptive file name and date not reflective of its original name and date. If you have files on your your system that are confidential (or just plain personal in nature) and you do not want to leave to chance that someone can easily recover the information in them after you have "deleted" them using only normal deletion methods, then File Monster will be an essential tool for your privacy.
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