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ForceWare 78.82 Win2000/XP

Version: 78.82
Publisher: NVIDIA
Date added: 2005-09-23 22:46:06
File Size: 14
OS Support: Windows 2000/XP (standard 32 bit)
License: FreeWare
Software type: Videocards - NVIDIA ForceWare (32 bit)

Publisher Description

Windows 2000/XP (32-bit)

Toshiba released a new 78.82 ForceWare driver for their Tosbiba Go 6200/6600 laptop. The driver by itself only supports these products. These drivers are not WHQL (Microsoft tested and approved) certified though. But that really is not a big issue.

We included a modified .inf file from Pieter over at Laptopvideo2go to make it work with all GeForce graphics cards. Should you decide to give them a try then pelase let us know your experiences and results in our forums. Basically any GeForce graphics card is supported in this driver. We have a discussion thread open on these drivers right here.

The driver includes an easy to use installer. Should this fail for you due to the modifications then simply inmstall the drivers the old fashioned way. This means you need to update your drivers through your driver properties, if you don't undertsnad this then don't even try it.

These drivers are to be considered BETA, thus use and abuse them at your own risk. If anything goes wrong, don't blame us or NVIDIA.

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