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По умолчанию FrameFixer

FrameFixer v1.01 | 6.3 MB

Using state of the art optical flow technology from The Foundry, FrameFixer can analyse a sequence of images and repair any damaged or missing frames. The results are often indistinguishable from the original images, leaving you with a complete and uninterrupted sequence.

Some common uses for FrameFixer include:

Quickly correct bad frames in your 3D renders when you're up against a deadline emergency, such as the delivery of a commercial spot or film trailer

Repair missing frames from overnight renders before dailies or your own review

Generate those frames you get from time to time that simply refuse to render

Fix missing frames from sequences that can no longer be re-rendered, for example if the scene files have been lost

Perfect for render support teams - they can fix the frames without dealing with complex scenes or pipelines

And although FrameFixer has been developed for use in the VFX & Post Production industry, it can also be used any time you need to recover missing frames in an image sequence. Did something go wrong with your latest home video? Or maybe the lab messed up your new 16mm masterpiece?
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