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По умолчанию RapidShare GetPoints

RapidShare GetPoints v1.3

What is RS-GetPoints?
Its a little software codec in Autoit which allow you to display your Rapidshare Premium or Collector account Info on a tiny window:

Main Window:
-speed [pts/hour]. -How many points you collected this session [and time].
-How many did you download last 5 days [for the 25gig limit].

-Select your RS account Type [Collector or Premium] -
-Choose if you want to launch it on startup.
-If you want to launch it minimized.
-If you want to display a TrayTooltip [right] which appear when you get points [how many] with which account, and total collected.
-You need to fill your account infos to acess to this program.

Here you can acess to your collected Points per day history.
It obviously needs to be active on that day to know how many points did you collected.

Here are Changelogs of RsGetpoints. Every Release, bugs corrections or Major Update.
1.3 [Corrections]: -You can now every time click on the tray icon.
-No more problems with Collectors account.
-Added the Dll in the pack, it will NOT replace yours if it exists.
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