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По умолчанию iShell

iShell v4.5 R5
Win App | 4.3mb | RS.COM

Protect, Burn, Deliver: With iShell 4 you burn CD-ROM's and DVD-ROM's directly, no additional software utilities are required. Valuable media assets are wrapped into a single, high-performance file, protecting them from undesired copying. The completed CD-ROM is automatically formatted for installation and playback on both Mac OS X and Windows computers.

* Rewritten program core: lightning-fast iShell experience for everyone, not just Mactel users.
* System Gizmos: themed radio buttons, checkboxes, tabs, dialog buttons, drop-down menus, etc., created on the fly to eliminate busywork.
* Dynamic Font Loading: allows developer to include any TrueType font in a project. Featuring a collection of fonts by Larabie Fonts.
* Magic Commands: quickly write math and string equations in the iShell GUI editor.
* And more.

What is iShell?

The successor to the Apple Media Tool, tribalmedia's iShell is a software tool for Windows and Mac OS X which allows developers to rapidly create secure, interactive, multiplatform CD and DVD-ROMs. The product can also be used to create other types of multimedia appliactions such as kiosks, digital signage, and standalone Internet applications.

Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
Windows XP and a CD-R/RW is required to burn a disk. Windows does not support burning to a DVD-R/RW.
64 MB of available RAM
QuickTime 7.0 or greater
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