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NEW! Traktor DJ Studio 3.2 [K]'ed
Думаю для людей занимающихся музыкой (особенно DJ) нет смысла "пиарить" данную прогу, или плагин(кому как больше нравится). Брэнд Native Instruments говорит сам за себя... Но на всякий случай я
"содрал" с официального сайта "дискрипшн" англоязычный разумеется.

Universal Binary arrives! TRAKTOR 3.2 is now fully compatible with Intel Macs.
Create synchronized copies of tracks instantly. Remix songs in real -time by adding effects and loops. This feature opens up cool new possibilities to explore your skills in manipulating tracks. Whilst a track is playing on one deck, it's now possible to duplicate it and place it on another deck, in the exact same position and in sync with the original. From here anything is possible- create loops, add effects or get busy on the faders - push your skills to the limits as you remix a track completely on -the -fly.
Beatport 3 now available as TRAKTOR Beatport Store. Featuring DJ, genre and other charts, plus artist and label landing pages reachable from within TRAKTOR 3. Also added is a powerful search function allowing you to find tracks in the TRAKTOR Beatport Store starting from fields in your local track library.
Autoplay now available for TRAKTOR 3 users who prefer to hook up an external mixer.
Tempo detection now considerably improved as well as the addition of a pre-selectable tempo range.
Improved deck caching allows you to remix tracks live in ways not available in previous versions. Tracks can be loaded directly into memory for improved looping and cueing.

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P.S. dmg Включает в себя :

1. Traktor DJ Studio 3 Installer
2. Traktor DJ Studio 3.1.3 Updater
3. Traktor DJ Studio 3.2 [K]'ed
4. Traktor DJ Studio 3.2.2 [K]'ed
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